How to start saving money on kids clothes.

Who doesn’t love shopping for baby clothes? I love it a little to much and before my daughter was born I went a little over board picking up every cute little piece I could find.  The excitement got the better of me and I spent just a wee bit to  much money, but my saving grace was that I never paid full price for anything.

How do you control your spending and appropriately plan out what you are going to need with out buying or spending to much, well here are just a few tips that I’ve figured out over the past year that should help you save some money and keep your little fashionably cute for the years to come.

First off always wait for the sale. Kids clothes can be rather pricey these days and paying the full ticket price can sting. Your always better off waiting till the middle of the season to pick up the things your child really needs, unless it’s a hot ticket item like a snowsuit ( trust me those go fast, you want to scoop’em up ASAP). Most retailers begin initial markdowns about a month or two after product hits the shelves. If you wait your looking at a discount of about 20-30%. If Back to School starts in August look for deals  by the beginning of October. Why wait two months? Think about transition periods in seasons and shopping season. Retailers have to keep product fresh and get new items in for the holidays or whichever the next  roll out package maybe.

End of season sales need to be marked on your calendars. Please note this and highlight it , put it in your phone, sign up for newsletters do what you have to, but do not miss this opportunity.  This is the time when you can save big by purchasing items for next year.   All retailers want to clear out product to make space for the next season and holding onto goods is not ideal for their bottom line. They have goals to make each quarter and anything left in the inventory looks bad on their gross profit margins.  We have all seen those big red signs “Final Clearance” take notice and run in there. Many stores like the GAP,  Old Navy,  Joe Fresh,  will offer an additional % off already reduced items. That could mean and extra 20% or if the shopping gods are being favorable an extra 40% off the last ticketed price. Think about that cute little dress at Baby Gap you saw at the beginning of the season that was $40 might only cost you $10.


By doing this I was able to snag Miss E’s entire summer wardrobe for next year at for under $60, that’s 7 tee’s, 3  pairs of pants, 4  pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 3 tanks, a light weight jacket, splash pants, and some socks. Is your mind blown…mine was.

Growing up if you were the youngest hand me downs were inevitable,  you hated wearing them, but  your parents saved serious money.  If you have friends or family with older kids find out if they have anything they would be willing to part with. I’m more then certain that they’d be willing to unload some of the stuff currently taking up space in their basements and help save you some money.  In some case you could get lucky and never have to shop again. My sister is friends with a lot of other moms and rarely has had to buy clothes for her youngest. Between her network of moms, they have passed around everything a child could possible need and collectively saved a small fortune in the process.

Never turn up your nose at thrifting, first off it’s a fraction of the cost of buying new and secondly  most kids are not even in the clothes long enough that anything ever looks to worn. Make it a habit to frequent your local Goodwill, Value Village and consignment shops on a regular basis. I’ve found some great deals on items that were barely worn, some pieces even with the tags still on.  Some digging might be required but in the long run it’s totally worth it.

If your not into hitting up the thrift stores or are not able to get out of the house another option are online sites like these;

MiniTrade, Baby Outfitters, ThredUPBoomerang Kids, iSpy Clothing,

Here is just a small peek at some of the deals you could score over your morning coffee aka morning nap time.

 If you have any tips or tricks on saving big on kids clothes please share. I’m sure ever momma out there is looking to save a buck or two and maybe splurge on oh say a nice bottle of pinot.
Look for my follow article coming this weekend on efficient wardrobe planing for your babes. Until then be well and  be kind.

Thrift it Thursday: The $20 challenge (on a Saturday!)

:This post was supposed to be up on Thursday, but unforeseen circumstances of baby  crankiness kept me from doing much of anything else, but being a human comfort blankie for Miss E. I carried her cute little bum around all day and I mean the whole day, but here it is.  Thursday in the future will be dedicated to being Thrifty, so keep an eye for future post or you could always follow us on our adventures.

I know your thinking what is 20 bucks gonna buy..nothing? I’m here to show you otherwise. Why $20, well for one I wanted to prove that you can find some incredible items for cheap and don’t have to resort to paying full retail price  and secondly it’s just fun to challenge myself.

Miss E  and I began our adventures in one my favorite places Value Village. Some of you might not know what Value Village is, but for those who don’t The VV is a  large thrift chain store. They purchase donated goods from local charities and donate money back into the community from any drop off items they receive.
This kind of retailer is an excellent starting point for anyone just getting into thrifting. The variety of merchandise can be mind boggling to most people walking in, but just remember the steps from my first post on thrifting and it’s far less intimidating.  Plus for Miss E  I usually have to make our trips quick and calculated almost like a some kind of heist, your in and out before anyone notices.

On to the goods… but here is a few high lights from our little adventures in thrift shopping.


I zeroed in on this cream leather French Connection moto jacket for $34.00, My gut said “Buy it”, but it didn’t fallen in to the challenge rules (so, I’m going back on Monday when this little beauty is 50%, I love when their clearance sales come around it’s like Christmas). I’ve got a thing for leather jackets and shopping vintage/secondhand has definitely not helped the situation in my closet.
How about a cute nautical  Joe Fresh shirt for $7, a great wardrobe staple, but a girl can only have so many striped shirts, right…

What I did end  up purchasing with my 20 bucks.

This lovely  barely used cream colored Ted Benson hobo bag was only $7.99. This bag is Italian leather and after some research the retail brand new for a bag like this is  around $250-300. On Ebay the same bag in different colors is going for about $50. Let’s just say this was a major score for a momma on a budget.

I’m a  bit of a magpie when it comes to prints and I spotted this cool tribal influenced kimono top from a  mile away. This Marilyn Brooks piece ($5.99) will be great protection from the summer sun in the city, paired with a cute pair of denim cutoffs and we’ve got ourselves a new summer uniform.

The last item that I purchased is going to become part of a couple of DIY projects in the near future. The print on this curtain panel had me soon as I turned the corner. I knew exactly what must become of it, I swore I’d never do this, but it  can’t be helped it would be a crime not to do it… matching outfits! A summer romper for Miss E and a pair of high waisted shorts for Momma. Sickeningly cute right?

Well, what do you think? $20 can stretch pretty far. I dare you to give it a try and see what you find. As always any questions or comments feel free to shout it out.


Shopping with Miss E

You see them…..try to ignore them, but we are here to shop.  Maybe, wait where are the baby crackers. OK now we’re here to shop.

I never pictured myself being that woman pushing a stroller over shiny marble floors in poorly lite halls, looking like I don’t have care in the world.  Working on the other side of the counter as a merchandiser for far to many years, I always thought “man what a life, just walk around a mall all day, not a care, no where to rush off to.. deadlines ~~pheff !”  Until I became that woman.  I’m the one other shoppers are giving cut eye when my daughter starts acting up. She’s a baby it’s what they do, they also eat, burp, have bowels, and deliver the best giggles you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing in your life.  To my fellow Momma’s out there, you know what I talking about. Going out anywhere, let alone a shopping mall with all its slow walking gawkers must be a well planned mission. Know what your getting, work around naps/feedings, and how long it’s all going to take.

The plan this morning  was to make a quick trip to the mall for a Walmart run and maybe find a pair of jeans that were not slowly making there way down to my knees like my other post preggo jeans. I thought today could be the day I make it to a changing room. Miss H is napping happily in her stroller, I’ve already made a couple of stops, why not go look for less sad saggy look and feel like a hot momma for once. It’ll only take a few minutes. We barely crossed the threshold of AE and boom…awake, but it’s ok she’s surprisingly calm.  I waited a second prepping my reflexes to respond to any demands, but no screaming for bottles, no whimpering for diapers, no ‘why did you drag me outta the house mom’. Wow, maybe I’ve got a chance.  Never one to pass up an opportunity I took it. Grabbed a heap of jeans tossed them on the stroller and prayed to god I could find an associate to let me in a change room fast.  

Finding staff today seemed to be like searching for a unicorn. I know from working retail that Tuesdays are slow and always understaffed regardless of where it is or even what time of day.  I found one poor guy who had been cornered by a family, I circled waiting for the opportunity to strike, then she starts. Fumbling around for baby crackers and some rattle toys should buy me some time. Thankfully he see’s me and uses or dire parrel to make an escape. (Please to all of you out there show mad reapect to anyone in the service. They work damn hard for their minium wage).

I finally get to a fitting room take off my coat turn around to see this little face

Toys thrown to the way side, crackers gone and look of boredom creeping in. I felt terrible and selfish. Then it occurred to me, that in reality I don’t take many opportunities to do something for myself. My mommy guilt was getting me again, so what did I do? I tried on every single pair of jeans in that lil’ pile and danced around making ridiculous noises all to keep Miss E entertained and even the woman in the room next to us 😀

This momma still didn’t find a pair of jeans, but at least I got to the fitting room this time.

FW15 Street style looks for less

Every season we see these glamours ladies hitting up Fashion Week across the globe, wearing fabulous looks that we’d have to save our pennies for years to be able to afford. Hmmm groceries for the next few months or rent? Street style looks for less… YES!

FW15 Street style looks for less


Oh, just thrift it.


Always looking to save a buck or two I’m a regular at the thrift stores in my area, especially consignment shops. Who doesn’t love trading in your old stuff for something new.. ish right?  There are others like myself who love the thrill of the hunt thrift shopping fulfills, but there are some who just can’t be bothered.  I always wondered how people could dislike vintage shopping, so I asked around. The general consensus seems to be that they find the whole experience overwhelming and far to tedious searching through every item in order to unearth a gem. Which to me is crazy talk, especially when shopping for vintage/thrifting can real stretch your dollars.  Now for those of you who think they can’t do it listen up, if I can do it with a wiggley impatient seven month old strapped to my chest you can too.  How?  Well let’s go over some easy techniques that should make your thrift shopping experience a little easier.

All items with the exception of the jeans were bought second hand.

1. Plan ahead, go through your closet and look for any holes in your wardrobe that you need to fill. Missing a LBD or a cool leather jacket, consider that your mission. Once you have an idea of what you want, put blinders up to everything else and zone in on what your looking for first. By doing this  you cut out the visual confusion that thrifting presents.

2. The majority of thrift stores are organized by categories (tops, sweaters, jackets, etc), focus on which half you’ll be dressing and take the store one section at a time. When you break it down rack by rack it’s easier to examine the clothing. Take this opportunity to look for  deficiencies (rips, holes, seams are still intact, fading,stains) and eliminate anything that doesn’t seem repairable.

3. Most places will have an area where they display their premium items. This could be designer pieces, well preserved vintage, or highly desirable trend items.  Always check it out you never know what you might find, for example a while back I scooped up a cute navy Givenchy Sport sweater from the 70’s for a steal.

4. Always talk to the sales staff. They can direct you to exactly what your looking for or even show you things you would never have considered.

5. Some stores have preferred customer lists or  take requests for items. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff if their store has either of these, after you build a customer profile they will contact you if they’ve come across anything you might like. See the shopping has already been done for you, how much easier could that be.

6. I know some people are squeamish about trying things on in thrift stores, I don’t blame you. When you hear about bed bug outbreaks and all kinds of other nasty things floating around, trying stuff on is usually the last thing on your mind. Well I’m hear to tell you most stores only accept cleaned clothing, some even go the distance of having merchandised cleaned before placing it on the floor.  If in doubt wear clothing that you can easily try stuff on over top. Wear a pair of leggings and a fitted tee and if you still feel weird about it bring your hand sanitizer and wetwipes. When you get home throw everything in the washer right away and if you can’t wash it. Keep it tied up in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer till you can get to the dry cleaners.

Still  not feeling it, well think about this way if you start now, you can beat all the ladies to  the 70’s trend that was featured on the runways of NY fashion Week. Why pay for designer or knock off’s when you can wear the inspirational looks instead.

Look for more weekly post about thrift/vintage shopping and styling right here on The Modern Hepburns.  As always feel free to leave a comment or ask me questions.

Be well and be good,


Easy Beauty for a busy Momma

Oh Momma are you ever in a tizzy. Babies crying, diapers to change, bottles to make before you head out the door and no time to pull it together for yourself.  As a guilty party myself of letting it all go for the first few months (whom I kidding several), personally I felt like a dog’s breakfast every time I left the house, heck even if I stayed.   So what’s a busy momma to do? Find the easiest products to smear on while holding a wiggly sometimes cranky baby. I’m talking 5 minutes or less kind of done, this gal has no time for eyeliner. Here are some great additions to your makeup bag that I’m sure will help out your beauty routine.

Maybelline and I go way back, for a while  we were best friends all through out high school (over 15 years). Then I developed my ever so wonderful eczema. I was a little hesitant to try Baby Soft Pore Eraser because of my skin issues, for so long I’d been reliant on Bare Mineral’s Prime Time as my go to, but Maybelline yah done right for us sensitive folks. This primer has the same texture and glides on just as well as my beloved Bare Minerals, but at a fraction of the price. Thanks Maybelline for being my best friend again.

Also from Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Clearly Spotted. I’m not usually a  a fan of nail polish, but this stuff dries fast. I had two coats done/dried on both hands before Miss E had woken up from one of her quickie cat naps.

As for foundation, Almay makes a great easy formulation that has skin tone matching pigments mixed through out. Being one of those pastie pale gals it’s awfully hard to find a great foundation that doesn’t cost a fortune. Almay to the rescue with Smart Shade with added SPF 20 I might add.This stuff is awesome, blends well, can be applied quickly, and pretty decent coverage (I’m a momma that will always need concealer) .

Ok, who knew Drew Barrymore had a cosmetics line called Flower, not me. It’s only available at Walmart and is reasonably priced. I later found out the reason it’s so affordable, they spend nothing on advertising. It’s cruelty free and made from the same luxury ingredients you find in higher end cosmetics. I purchased the creme blush in Forget-me-not. This stuff is great, creamy not pasty like some cream blushes. Feels light on the skin, so far no reactions and hello the packaging is adorable. Thank you Drew, my high school girl crush continues.

Hope this makes your life a easier, let me know what you think  leave a comment. Have you found anything that you think I should try out and feature give this  Momma a Holla.

Girly peacock inspired living room …gasp watch out Mr. H!

  On a home decor kick thanks to The Girl Next Door. She’s making me want to redecorate every room in the house right now. Sadly Mr. H would never go for anything this girly, so thank-you Polyvore for allowing me  to exercise my  creative decor muscles.Girly peacock inspired livingroom

Rug, 2,865 CAD / Non skid mat, 25 CAD / Porcelain coffee mug, 16 CAD / Sur La Table espresso mug, 7.41 CAD / Gold home accessory, 149,475 CAD / Vintage home accessory, 280 CAD / Jonathan adler home decor, 245 CAD / Framed picture, 210 CAD / Throw pillow, 72 CAD / White home accessory, 100 CAD / Modern home accessory, 130 CAD / Graham Brown white home decor, 115 CAD / Polka dot home decor, 115 CAD / Polyester throw pillow, 56 CAD / Peacock home accessory, 54 CAD / Voluspa colored candle, 12 CAD / Grommet drapery panel, 12 CAD / Gold sequin throw pillow, 15 CAD / Lion wall art / Grey furniture, 2,615 CAD / Marble top accent table, 1,885 CAD / Artifort chair, 1,455 CAD / Silver leaf furniture, 870 CAD / Yazbukey bohemian handbag, 930 CAD / Accent table, 570 CAD / Powell circular table, 95 CAD / Brass chair

Shop The GND Decor

The Girl Next Door’s Esty shop is finally open.  Go ahead and knock on her door and check out all the adorable decor items for your home. Products are released in small collections, each piece is handcrafted in limited quantities. If a unique item catches your eye grab it quick or you might miss out on adding The GND’s style into your life.



Cute finery for brunch with the ladies or backyard BBQ.

A set of 4 fringed blue & white stripped nautical place mats and napkins.  Handmade and only for $85.00 CAD

thegndsailawaywithme il_570xN.727564188_8ki9

Loving the distressed wall art. How darling would these be in a nursery or for a beachy vibe in a family room.  Both The Sail Boat  and Nautical Quote $45.00 CAD each how could you not snap these cuties up.

So, hurry up already and get over to The GND before I buy it all.


All photos credited to The GND

I want a Spring in my step

I’m here in the back of the house where there is no heat at all, wearing two sweaters and all snuggled in a blanket torturing myself over Anthropologie’s new SS collection. Dreaming of warmer days, hopefully they arrive soon.

ss 15 anthro crush