No fears or tears… my road to becoming a freelance writer.

Whoever said Instagram was a waste of time or just pretty pictures was wrong, why? Well last week my feed presented me with an  incredible opportunity, Domino magazine put out the call for freelance writers and this Momma jumped at the chance.

For a long time I let fear of failure rule my life, never reaching towards the dream of being successful in my creative endeavors.  My lofty goals were tucked away in a box buried under responsibilities and self doubt. The fear of failure can be a huge hurdle for people to overcome, but if you never try you’ve only got yourself to blame for not full filling those dreams. After Miss E was born I made the decision that I could’t let control my life anymore, everything I do now is for her and I’ve  got to be successful to provide for my family.

As I said,I jumped and contacted them about being a contributor. The response back was swift and I was asked to write a test coming up with a few story proposals.  I spent a few days coming up with my submission sent it of and hoped for the best, but remained realistic about all possible outcomes.   Needless to say I didn’t get the job, but that’s okay. The whole experience was a positive one, the editor has been encouraging and told me I can always contact her with story ideas in the future, which I will definitely be doing. Until that day comes I will keep working hard to learn more about my craft.  Every step I take is in the right direction and I can now say that I will not be afraid to put myself out there anymore.

To all of you out there who are holding back, don’t let fear rule your life. Get yourself out there and work hard, then maybe one day all your dreams may come true and if they don’t at least you can say you tried.


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