How to start saving money on kids clothes.

Who doesn’t love shopping for baby clothes? I love it a little to much and before my daughter was born I went a little over board picking up every cute little piece I could find.  The excitement got the better of me and I spent just a wee bit to  much money, but my saving grace was that I never paid full price for anything.

How do you control your spending and appropriately plan out what you are going to need with out buying or spending to much, well here are just a few tips that I’ve figured out over the past year that should help you save some money and keep your little fashionably cute for the years to come.

First off always wait for the sale. Kids clothes can be rather pricey these days and paying the full ticket price can sting. Your always better off waiting till the middle of the season to pick up the things your child really needs, unless it’s a hot ticket item like a snowsuit ( trust me those go fast, you want to scoop’em up ASAP). Most retailers begin initial markdowns about a month or two after product hits the shelves. If you wait your looking at a discount of about 20-30%. If Back to School starts in August look for deals  by the beginning of October. Why wait two months? Think about transition periods in seasons and shopping season. Retailers have to keep product fresh and get new items in for the holidays or whichever the next  roll out package maybe.

End of season sales need to be marked on your calendars. Please note this and highlight it , put it in your phone, sign up for newsletters do what you have to, but do not miss this opportunity.  This is the time when you can save big by purchasing items for next year.   All retailers want to clear out product to make space for the next season and holding onto goods is not ideal for their bottom line. They have goals to make each quarter and anything left in the inventory looks bad on their gross profit margins.  We have all seen those big red signs “Final Clearance” take notice and run in there. Many stores like the GAP,  Old Navy,  Joe Fresh,  will offer an additional % off already reduced items. That could mean and extra 20% or if the shopping gods are being favorable an extra 40% off the last ticketed price. Think about that cute little dress at Baby Gap you saw at the beginning of the season that was $40 might only cost you $10.


By doing this I was able to snag Miss E’s entire summer wardrobe for next year at for under $60, that’s 7 tee’s, 3  pairs of pants, 4  pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 3 tanks, a light weight jacket, splash pants, and some socks. Is your mind blown…mine was.

Growing up if you were the youngest hand me downs were inevitable,  you hated wearing them, but  your parents saved serious money.  If you have friends or family with older kids find out if they have anything they would be willing to part with. I’m more then certain that they’d be willing to unload some of the stuff currently taking up space in their basements and help save you some money.  In some case you could get lucky and never have to shop again. My sister is friends with a lot of other moms and rarely has had to buy clothes for her youngest. Between her network of moms, they have passed around everything a child could possible need and collectively saved a small fortune in the process.

Never turn up your nose at thrifting, first off it’s a fraction of the cost of buying new and secondly  most kids are not even in the clothes long enough that anything ever looks to worn. Make it a habit to frequent your local Goodwill, Value Village and consignment shops on a regular basis. I’ve found some great deals on items that were barely worn, some pieces even with the tags still on.  Some digging might be required but in the long run it’s totally worth it.

If your not into hitting up the thrift stores or are not able to get out of the house another option are online sites like these;

MiniTrade, Baby Outfitters, ThredUPBoomerang Kids, iSpy Clothing,

Here is just a small peek at some of the deals you could score over your morning coffee aka morning nap time.

 If you have any tips or tricks on saving big on kids clothes please share. I’m sure ever momma out there is looking to save a buck or two and maybe splurge on oh say a nice bottle of pinot.
Look for my follow article coming this weekend on efficient wardrobe planing for your babes. Until then be well and  be kind.

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