Naptime… Ha!


The garbage is waiting to be taken out, an old rug rolled up in the corner that needs to be aired out in the back yard, bathroom needs to be cleaned, and the vacuuming has been on the back burner for several days now.  Normally all these tasks would be a breeze to accomplish and I’d have a chance to squeeze in a shower, but Miss E has decided that the word NAP doesn’t exists in her world anymore. wpid-20150422_133831.jpgAt the moment I’m watching her attempts to remodel her crib, by pulling down her breathable bumper pads. This has become her new favorite thing to do in her crib, the other activities she enjoys are spinning around and then practice her crawling, which she usually gives up and does a face plant into the side of her crib and screams till I come to her rescue.

We are currently experiencing what they call the 8-10 month sleep regression, and it’s a battle most momma’s who’ve experienced it will tell you feels like a back slide of any kind of routine that was previously established.  We had a pretty good one to, that took weeks to develop and became the pillar of my continuing sanity. First bottle at 7 ish, back down for a morning nap around 8am, up for breakfast at 10am, a 20-30 minute midday snooze, and a good nap in the afternoon from 3-5.  Then dinner at 5:30 and off to bed at 7.  I feel pretty lucky, we worked so hard to have such a  great schedule. This is only a bump in the road I’m told by other momma’s who have already experienced this phase, and that is exactly what we’ve got to remember it’s only a phase and it won’t last to much longer, but Little Miss No Nap, does have to get her rest. This Momma will try every trick in her book to get a nap out this kid, otherwise we face true sleep regression which means, she’s to amped up to sleep at all.  When babies don’t get enough rest they get cranky, but when they start to miss to much sleep is when the real problems start. It goes from missing naps to not sleeping at night, frequent wakings, which will send a Momma back to square one, with under eye circles included… oh  and sorry I’m out of  coffee.

So what do you do? This momma doesn’t have all the answer, but so far this what has been helping us get through this interesting time.

1. Remove anything that could be to stimulating from the crib or anything from their vantage point. Babies will be distracted by bright colors and patterns, I didn’t realize at the time, but Miss E had full view of some fun little knick-knacks and toys that were keeping her to preoccupied to sleep. She also has been investing serious time into pulling down her breathable bumper pads, I will be taking them out later when she’s up, whom I kidding she’s probably up. ( EDIT: Please note, I only get to post in short time allotments, I started this one on Tuesday last week and am only now getting to finish it a  week later)

2. If your baby is trying to crawl or up to other monkey business in their crib, get a sleep slack, trust me they help. At first your little adventurer might still try to continue their shenanigans, but will realize it’s far to tiring and difficult to do anything while in a sleep sack.  If you’re unfamiliar with what a sleep sack is, think of a baby sized sleeping bag with arm holes. Then imagine yourself trying to roll around and crawl in a sleeping bag, near impossible right? It was a game changer, she will settle down more easily in her snuggly sack, then with just a blanket. Although she still manages to sit up, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

3. Try to maintain your nap time schedule the best you can. For us this was difficult. I would put her down while awake, but sleepy. She knows how to sleep on her own without to much intervention on my part, but for the last couple of weeks she has been more dependent on bottles, rocking, tummy rubs..etc. When I would lay her down she’d roll over and start rocking, whining, which would end in her screaming or playing in her crib. She would soldier through the whole day without a minute of sleep and some serious grumpattitude, but when nap time rolled around we would try again and again and again till she finally gave in  and had a nap. Please keep in mind you should never just leave your child in there crib to just scream for anything length of time, especially if they don’t know how to self sooth. When they start up, go in and check on them offer comfort, then try again and again, and again if need be. You never know if you don’t check up on them, they could be in serious trouble, your babe could be caught in between the crib rails, tangled up in blankets, banged their heads while practicing new skills. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to check on my little monkey and she’s got her legs stuck in the rails or a good size red welt from head butting her crib.

Things are starting to settle back to a more normal routine around here. I’ve finally managed to catch up a few things and get  some sleep. Life with a baby can be challenging at times, but I would never give up a second of it, even the rough patches. Every smile is worth every minute of lost sleep.

If anyone has any great tips or stories to share on this subject please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.   Till another time, hopefully soon.

Be well and be kind.



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