Frizz free… we’ll see???

I’ll admit it, I horde hair products. Half empty bottles, unopened packages, hair packs, oils, let’s just say I could open a salon. In my defense my intentions are good, but I never get around to experimenting with all these products. The term “Frizz free” is a real motivator with most of my ill fated purchases. The fantasy that I to could have Pantene fabulous hair from a bottle(s) is my number one reason for giving into this compulsion to buy and pray that someday just someday I might be able to brush my hair when it’s dry or not lose my cool when people try to touch my hair. That’s right you know who you are, so please control your greasy hands and keep them out of peoples hair.

Since it’s spring the need to declutter my life has sprung up, I decided to tackle the vanity cupboards and cull my precious collection of hair products. I got rid of anything that I couldn’t remember buying ( who knows how old it is.. question do hair products expire??? Yes they do! Thanks Dirty Looks for answering my question). One thing that was taking up space, I had bought with the intention of banishing my frizz… for at least 30 days.  Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz keratin smoothing treatment I picked up while still pregnant with Miss E before we were suppose to go on a trip to Central America. I thought this would be a great product to use to combat the humidity, but later found out pregnant women shouldn’t use keratin, because it hasn’t been thoroughly tested. So there it sat forgotten collecting dust under my sink, until now.

Since Miss E takes a fairly long morning nap, I had a “it’s now or never” moment and opened the box. I had no idea how long this was going to take me, given that my hair is thick and my curls can be unruly.  I started by washing my hair with the clarify shampoo provided, twice without conditioning ( I almost died from lack of a cream rinse).  Following the instructions I blow dried my hair to 80% dryness, then applied the Keratin treatment section by achingly small section and proceeded to bundle up my poofball into a plastic baggy on top of my head to let the whole mess set for 30 minutes. (Please not this is a sans makeup photo. The crazy eyes just add to the overall insane cat lady look I’m usually rocking in the mornings).wpid-img_20150325_210402.jpg   Also I totally broke a comb, 1 pt for my mass of hair…comb Zero.

The whole time I’m doing this I’m dreading Miss E waking up and having to swoop in to rescue her from the dire peril of the dreaded crib. Lucky for me she was in the mood to nap this morning.

After waiting for my hair to set, I had to blow out my hair with paddle brush.  My hair might be short  now, but I still have a lot of it and this took a considerable amount of time.wpid-img_20150325_210653.jpg I finally made it all the way through every last strand, had the flat iron cooking at 420, hair sectioned off and ready to get going on the straighten. I got about two tiny sections in and I heard a howl imitating from the front of the house. Miss E was up. I put down the flat iron and came to her rescue from the wretched poopy diaper.

Happy baby in tow I set up her high chair in the hall way outside the bathroom door, prepped her breakfast and sat her down to watch as her Momma tortured her poor hair some more.wpid-img_20150325_214244.jpg Miss E happily gobbled down her toast, fruit and whatever else I threw down to keep her happy. Cheerios are a literal live saver, those little round O’s helped me at least make it through half of my hair. Thank you General Mills!  I’m such a lucky Momma that Miss E can be so easy going and is willing to sit there and watch me do this all without complaining.

While straighten you have to do each section 5-7 times.  I noticed that hair gets extremely hot, I burned my hand just holding sections. Trust me it isn’t pretty, so I recommend using a glove. I dug around in my purse for one of my winter gloves just to protect my hands from the heat. You’ve been warned use protection and I’m not talking about the baby.  When Miss E was just about finishing her breakfast I was almost done this whole crazy process. I straightened the last few small sections I had left  it was DONE! wpid-img_20150325_192527.jpgIt took me almost 3 hours from washing to straighten and the results weren’t that bad.  Maybe there is some hope in a bottle. This isn’t part of the treatment, but my ends were looking a little rough, so I finished off the tips with some coconut oil.

I’m almost satisfied with the results, my hair is straight and not as frizzy as it usually is. My blow out skills are still not to the level of the ladies at H2Goa, but I’m not a pro like those amazing hair goddesses. I did notice that tonight when Miss E was splashing around in her bath and my hair got a little damp, the frizz made a return. I guess that’s why they tell you not to wash your hair for 2 days after doing this treatment. Oh well c’est la vie I guess.


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